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Changeover Switches

Changeover switches are used to change from one supply to another, usually 3 phase but sometimes 1 phase on the low current rated circuits.

They are mainly used to switch from a mains supply to a standby generator and back to mains supply in the event of the loss of power. They are becoming more and more popular as worries increase over the lack of electricity available in UK, due to the lack of the present and past governments to make a decision over the replacement of existing power stations which have to come out of service from 2015 onwards.

The range varies from a small manually operated unit for domestic use of say 20A to 40A to a large 4000A motorised switch which can detect the loss of mains supply and automatically start the generator and switch it into circuit and again switch back to mains supply when it is restored.

The switches should be rated at AC23 (motor rated duty) and capable of switching 8 times the normal full load current to ensure that any peaks or spikes that occour on changeover do not effect the switch at the critical time

The switches can be supplied as open units for the end customer to mount in his own enclosure or they can be supplied in plastic, GRP, steel or stainless steel enclosures to suit the customers needs.

E-UK Controls Ltd in association with Technoelectric Italy can supply the complete range of changeover switches from 20A to 4000A, manual or motorised , open or enclosed.

One of the main problems for the installer, on the smaller changeover switches with tunnel terminals, is fitting two cables into the one terminal. To overcome this problem we supply these switches with a separate row of terminals so that only one cable is needed per terminal.

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