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Terminal Blocks


Ouneva from Finland manufacture a complete range of terminals from 16sq mm to 240sq mm, cable connectors from 2.5sq mm to 300sq mm and distribution blocks rated at 200A and 280A

The Terminals are single or double pole suitable for connecting two or four cables. They are DIN rail mounted up to 50sq mm and from 95 to 240sq mm are suitable for both DIN and base mounting. The double pole terminals are ideal for use in changeover switches or as a large junction box for connecting four cables up to 240sq mm. They are available in grey, blue and yellow/green.

The Cable Connectors are mainly used for changing from a bolt connection to a clamp connection on items such as contactors, switches and fuse switches and are suitable for cables up to 300sq mm.

The Distribution Blocks enable one large cable to feed many smaller cables within a control system. The 200A unit accepts an incoming cable of 10-70sq mm and six outgoing cables of 2.5-16sq mm, whilst the 280A unit accepts an incoming cable of 35-120sq mm and 11 outgoing cables, 2 at 6-35sq mm, 5 at 2.5-16sq mm and 4 at 2.5-10sq mm

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