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Switch Disconnectors

These switches, manufactured by Technoelectric Italy, have two ranges covering 16A to 3150A.

The SD range has three sizes and covers 16A to 200A in 10 current ratings.

The VCP range has six sizes and covers 32A to 3150A in 20 current ratings.

They are commonly used for a main switch, as disconnectors, as a safety switch or for switching motors, and will break 8 x full load current.

The Switch Disconnectors are designed for base mounting inside a control panel with a shaft connecting the switch to a handle on the front of the panel. Therefore they need various accessories such as shafts of different lengths, door interlocked handles, switched and solid neutrals, auxilliary contacts and terminal shrouds. For a full list of these, please click on Accessories.

The switches can be supplied in 3, 4, 6 and 8 pole formats as well as changeover versions. We can also mount the switches in plastic, steel or stainless steel enclosures to suit the customers requirements.

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